Sincerely, Brandy...


As a newfound adult (20), my life has already decided to begin treating me as such. Report here. Sign this. Pay that.

P.S. Who would have ever known every single thing needed to be payed for? Sheesh – I guess mama ain’t ever lied when she said “Girl, ain’t nothin’ in this world free”.

Anyway, you could imagine the look on my face (well, maybe not, given that I have yet to disclose my combination face of fear and shock… let’s just use our imaginations here) when my mommy and daddy handed me my own insurance cards – yes, the ones your parents held on to your entire life and used at all your doctor’s and dentist’s appointments. The ones you thought you’d never have to touch – to begin filling out my own forms. For EVERYTHING!


Like, excuse me Ma’am and Sir but, what demon on y’alls shoulders did Y’ALL listen to that told you your youngest daughter was ready for this -hood call “Adult-“?

Not that I was really pushing for a moral of story here, but be prepared for change of any kind. Allow flexibility into your life. Life and time waits on no one.

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