Sincerely, Brandy...

Waxing the Jewel


This is exactly how I felt and what I shouted to the heavens when I got my first Full Bikini wax.

Let’s rewind a bit… What made me choose to start getting waxed in the first place? So, just like every other woman out there, I HATE shaving. I’m not even going to go into all of the cringing details of the effects of shaving – Oh GIRL, don’t get me started! For now, we’re just going to say “it’s a time consuming burden from hell and a damned disgusting, hairy mess to clean post completion!”. Nair isn’t as bad as shaving but is still a no-go for me due to its horrific odor, stinging sensation, and lack of complete hair removal.

My first wax in general was not a Full Bikini, but a simple underarm – nothing too special there except for the 5-6 weeks of smooth amazingness that lie beneath my shoulders. On to the fun stuff! My first Full Bikini was… invasive. Now, ladies, I won’t lie to you. Getting ANYTHING done beneath the button can be invasive, but when you’re trying to remove every stubborn strand of hair from an invasive area, things can get pretty… INVASIVE! So the way it works at the waxing studio where I choose to get serviced is the customer lies on the waxing bed with her legs cocked up wide open, held up by two small white pillows. *They do leave and give you time to undress, get on the bed, and use a clean towel to cover up before they enter, by the way.* Moving on, I’m on the bed and ready to go! The kind older woman who waxed me, Marta, walks in and prepares the applicators, wax, waxing station, etc. She removes the towel and is about to rip my soul out. The last time my heart raced that fast was back in high school during my sophomore year when I decided to donate blood (which by the way I fainted from shortly after). The first four snatches weren’t bad at all, and I think I only feel that way because I actually braced myself for the end of the world, honestly. Most people may think as the waxing appointment goes on the pain begins to subside or the patient becomes numb to it but no. The truth is there are just certain areas on the jewel that are more sensitive than others which allows them to be more submissive to pain than the other areas. What people fail to mention, however, is that the pain doesn’t last even 30 seconds. Once the wax is over, you feel like a brand new woman!

All in all, making the decision to get waxed is one I’d never undo. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to WOMAN UP and treat yourself to the smoothness of a lifetime!


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