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I Don’t Know My Purpose, & I’m Ok w/ That . . .

A lot of us at this stage have no idea what the hell it is we are put on this earth to do. A lot of us know exactly what our life’s purpose is. I fall into the group that is next to clueless about what my next phase in life is… and I’m learning to be ok with that.

So far, my journey has been simply school – but not so simple. I started off majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Sports Administration Management. Don’t get me wrong, I was and still am very interested in sports and the business side of sports but it wasn’t too long before I realized it wasn’t meant to be my career.

Next up was Architecture! I know, I know – “How do you jump from Sports Management to Architecture?” I believe what I was trying to do was test my interests and hobbies as majors. Architecture, the focus of building structure, wasn’t exactly what I was interested in but it was closest to Interior Design and home renovation, so I picked it up. Not long after did I come to terms with Architecture not exactly being “the move” either – and so the search continued.

There was one more major-change, a couple of dropout contemplations, and a million emotional breakdowns before I finally decided on Communications – a major I definitely should have chosen from the get-go as it is the general industry each career fell under in the results of my Personality/Career test I took my freshman year of college. *Listen to that career test, kids. It knows you better than you know yourself* Needless to say, I am definitely satisfied with my FINAL major-change and love the classes I’m taking.

The next question is “What do I do with this Communications degree?” As a few career ideas rome the alleyways of my noggin, such as specializing in presentations (love creating presentations/PowerPoints), Event Planning, or even Blogging, I still have a life purpose I have yet to identify. Even more, no one ever said we only fulfill a single purpose in life. Whatever it (or they) may be, I look forward to the journey leading up to it (or them).

One Reply to “I Don’t Know My Purpose, & I’m Ok w/ That . . .”

  1. That’s the beauty of life… learning to be ok with the unknown and things out If our control. If God wanted us to have it all figured out before we got to each journey in life what would be the point of sacrifice, grit, patience and tenacity?? “Just keep living” as my grandmother always used to say. Your purpose & passion will meet when it’s supposed to…great blog!

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