Sincerely, Brandy...

… And It Was Granted, On Site!

So, as you all know, I am a college student and college students are required to complete internships in order to graduate. Having the semi-overachiever mentality that I do, I tend to feel as though I am always behind – or not as ahead as I would like to be. So, I took it upon myself to begin my search for internships. [‘Mind you, I will only be starting my Junior year this Fall semester]. I believe I applied to 3 internships that day.

If you’re like me, you doubt yourself and the good things that happen to and for you. My mind was set on applying to a minimum of 25 internships before I heard back from anyone, even for an interview – but, I decided to go for it anyway being that no matter what I thought, I still needed an internship to graduate at the end of it all and I wasn’t going to get one by doubting anyone would want me.

The next day rolls around and, not even 24 hours later, the owner from one of the 3 internships emailed me what a fantastic fit she thought I’d be for her company and how she’d love to meet/interview me soon! Of course I took her up on that did the interview. Growing up in Miami, I have this need to buy a new outfit for every special occasion, major holiday, etc. This being an internship interview and my first one ever definitely qualified as a special occasion. I went all out and never dressed the way I had for regular job interviews before. My brand new blazer and deep purple knit combo said I was ready for business!

The interview went OH SO WELL! We talked for a while – close to 35-40 minutes. She even admitted that this was the longest interview she’s ever conducted! There were tons a small details we both noticed that didn’t really relate to the internship but were just simple personal touches that added on to the interview. It was just great…

Fast forward, by the end of the interview, she had already hinted a few times about me having the position – that, by the way, was only open to a single intern and I had no clue about that – however, I was reluctant to draw any conclusions and stayed on top of my game! She finally verbally awarded the position to me ON SITE (that very same day, right at the end of our interview, actually)!

Me being me, not that I’m anticipating anything, I still feel as though this is all too good to just happen this way and so fast. Is it real? The only real “however”s about this situation are that since I’m not entering my second semester Junior year or first semester senior year, I am ineligible to receive credit for this internship and that I will have to cut my hours at my paying job (this is an unpaid internship) significantly due to the hour requirements set by my institution for internships. I honestly thought all you did was complete an internship in relation to your major, have the employer sign off somewhere for it, and report it to your institution – which is what I was intending to do, somehow. I hadn’t done in-depth research on the process of  beginning my internship for the school. .. because I had no clue there was even a process. That’s how motivated I was to begin interning so that I wasn’t left in the dust since you hold your own hand have look after yourself in college. There isn’t anyone there to constantly tell you the next step you need to take or to report to them to go over this or that. Everything is on you and you will get left behind if you are not on top of yourself!

Moving on, this internship will still go on my record and transcripts though, which is a GREAT thing! Apparently, employers really do appreciate seeing students doing internships for no credit because it shows genuine in the student’s character and willingness to work.  I mentioned I would have to cut my paid job’s hours significantly because I always put school before any mediocre retail job I’m entertaining. I’m in school to get where I want to be in life. School is ‘life’ right now, not some silly job I have strictly for extra income. I’ll be making less money than I already do but I will be gaining experience in my career field and entertaining my passion. All that will make up later in life when I’m not “working” but waking up every single day to do what I love.

All in all, I am super excited to begin this internship and get REAL experience under my belt!

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