Sincerely, Brandy...

Her Braids


A woman’s hair is her crown. It frames her face, it sets her tone. Most women have a signature, default, or go-to look/hairstyle as their everyday look. I am a creature of habit and routine at work, school, and lifestyle in general, however, when it comes to my hair, there can be a new me every 4 days if I please.

Growing up, my sister and I got braids (plaits) every summer. In the African-American community, it was common. It was just something we did [and still do] because braids are timeless. Sure they can be worn whenever, however, it was the summer that MADE them! We called them summertime braids, summertime fine braids, summer hair, etc. Point is, we got them to withstand our summer activities like beach at least once a week (I live in Miami), summer camp, wake-up-and-go hair, and everything in between! They’re just a young black girl’s go-to. Not to mention, you can wash your hair with the braids in them! #SoConvenient

I’ve strayed from them once I got older and was allowed to do more things with my hair because, of course, I wanted to try new styles and simply LOVED changing my hair. Since I’ve been in college, though, it wasn’t as easy to change my hair as much as I normally would. So, to last me through long periods of time where I would be studying a ton or simply couldn’t afford hair-changes as often, I went back to my roots.

Lately, I’ve been rockin’ my braids quite a bit and I think it’s actually become my own personal signature look for the time being.

Take a peek!


Chocolate Braids (w/ beads)


Jet Black Braids


Red/Burgundy Braids



& even ombre GREEN Braids! (It was for my 20th birthday)

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