Sincerely, Brandy...

Where Have I Been?

*DISCLAIMER*: Please be advised that I am just going to be going off on tangent about recent events and consider this post a completely unstructured, conglomerate update of my life since the beginning of Fall semester! You may proceed…

So, right before Fall semester began, I thought to myself, “Shouldn’t I be starting internships soon?” Not only did I want to begin interning, I felt like I was behind on that part of my academic career and collegiate journey, I was eager to get experience under my belt, and i was hoping to potentially leave my part-time retail job that I was beginning to loathe due to the managers becoming irritant and misunderstanding of my school schedule and work-availability changes – EVEN THOUGH this was one of the very first situations discussed prior to me accepting the position in the first place. Not to mention, all managers had been very understanding and assured me everything about school wasn’t an issue. They verbally acknowledged and agreed to my availability changing every semester according to my class schedule, an now it’s a huff and puff and questioning process each time I bring up a schedule change or shift notice.

Moving on, I ended up conquering my internship interview and landed the internship with an Event Planning and Rentals company for this Fall Semester. I got my own office and everything! (Got to decorate it, too! Went with a simple Autumn theme. It’s my favorite season, especially since we don’t really get it here in South Florida, and it’s the semester I’m interning there, so why not?)

So far, I’m LOVING it! In these few short weeks, I’ve learned about vendors and vendors’ insurance, budgeting according to type of event and what needs to be purchased for those events, event themes and offerings, pricing, quality service, and so on. I can go on and on, but I won’t bore you! One super exciting but nerve-wrecking detail, though, is that as a part of the internship, I have to plan my own charity event with absolutely no budget. I am only allowed to utilize contacts, in-office supplies/rentals, and donations! Talk about a challenge!

Early on in the semester, we got interrupted by Hurricane Irma, the largest and most powerful hurricane to make landfall on us in a long time. She was wider than our entire state with miles to spare! Thank goodness to Irma shifting West at the last minute that we weren’t hit directly. The entire state o Florida, however, including us, were still out of power for days and weeks. Florida Power and Light (FPL) had stated that this was the largest outage in USA history! Still, we got nothing compared to what the Keys and the Caribbean.

With the Hurricane setting the semester back a week, (yes, they added on another bloody week to the end of the semester) there was basically chaos and frenzy in every class. Not everyone was getting their power back at the same time, so due dates kept on changing. it was a mess, but ya girl was able to keep up (even get ahead) in classes!

All in all, my day-to-day life is severely hectic, which doesn’t leave much time for blogging… but I’lm here to stay so stay with me! I definitely have more content coming soon!

Nice talking to you guys again!!!


5 Replies to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. I can imagine but I’m sure you’ll pull through! We are hosting writing challenges weekly now for fun and a guest blog post. If you are up to it, this week’s theme is Zombie Survival!


  2. Hi Luna!! I have so many of yr articles to catch up on this weekend (hopefully) & omg trees were down EVERYWHERE! It was a mess.. glad you and yrs are safe as well, tho! & Thank you on the internship and charity event! Sooo hard to get donations

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  3. Welcome back! It’s awesome to hear about you internship and good luck on the event! I love in Orlando so I know all too well about Irma, glad that you are safe and I hope there wasn’t too much damage.



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