Sincerely, Brandy...

There are so many [different] people in this world…

Simply by reading the title, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well duh, Brandy… What’s your point?”.

Allow me to explain…

*DISCLAIMER: I judge not and respect EVERY walk of life for the simple reason that you, nor I may ever know exactly what each individual person has gone through, is going through, or will potentially go through. Nor is it your or my place or any of our business! Straight up. Just sharing my experience as a steadily growing and glowing young college adult out here in the streets of South Florida. Enjoy*

I’m 20, so I’m still sort of in that “fresh-out-of-high-school” phase where things that are normal and everyday may make me feel – as they say – #SHOOKETH at times. But really, think about it! All the perspectives. All the walks of life! There. Are. So. Many.

Let me rewind to Spring semester 2016. I met this super dope chick – that I remain in touch with today – who, at the time, was 35 years old. With 2 children. One of them, at the time, 15 years old. Just FOUR years younger! And a husband of x amount of years. Then there was me… 19 years old. Just lil’ ole 19-y/o me. Her name is Ilona. Ilona and I clicked almost instantly! I constantly compared my life to hers and just thought “Wow! I GOTS ME A FRIEND THAT’S 35 WITH 2 KIDS! I’S GROWN NOW WORLD!! I’S GROWN NOW!!!” I’m saying all this because I met Ilona at my university. I realize now, and even then, that I was thinking very ignorant and prematurely but couldn’t help to notice that people’s paths are SO unique that I established a bond with someone I never felt I would run into or meet on a college campus. Nothing about her, specifically. Someone in her shoes. It was so different to me. I’ll forever be grateful because in the end, I absolutely adore Ilona!

Again, I feel like I should just mention again to prevent misunderstanding… no judgement here at all, folk. I respect everyone’s walk of life. I simply get astonished at how many walks of life there are and never thought I’d actually come in contact with, much less form some kind of relationship with individuals so vastly different from I.

Another one of many unusual experiences I’ve had where I’ve encountered MORE unique people was actually pretty recent. I opt to work in the mall during holiday season just so that I can feel a little bit more of the holiday season since the Miami weather doesn’t bless us with snow or a Winter Wonderland of any kind. This year, I worked at a personalization store. One particular night, a long night of orders to be completed by morning, quite a bit of the staff stayed all night and kept us engravers company as we worked to complete the orders. Somehow, the already wild conversation amongst 6 or 7 twenty somethings shifted to drugs and alcohol. I was amazed at how much some of my co-workers had tried when it came to drugs. I was amazed at WHAT they tried. I mean, “y’all fearless”, I thought! It probably only shows how uneducated i am on drugs to think that a single use of the wrong thing and you’re done for life, but the risk! Why risk your life for a quick experiment of how heroin or coke will make you feel? Why MIX these drugs and alcohol and rave about it? Once again, NO judgement… straight up #Curiosity and #Fascination! These people had stories on top of stories about drug experiences and I had nothing – I HAPPILY had nothing to add to story time. I didn’t understand. But again, I was interested in their experiences and what had happened to them – even though, a great deal of the stories ended with “I don’t remember what happened after that…”.

If you’re super young like I am or younger, just be well informed that this is just the beginning for us! We are going to meet SO MANY other people with SO MANY different walks of life and we won’t see them coming!

If you’re older and can relate the slightest, I’d LOVE for you to share!



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