Sincerely, Brandy...

About Brandy

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 As a 20 year-old born, raised, and still residing in Miami, FL, my life has always been about interesting experiences. “Sincerely, Brandy…” was started to share my day-to-day experiences as a young woman with other young adults to show that we are not as alone as we think we may be and that the growing pains we experience don’t always have to be so painful. I want to put my insane rollercoaster life on the forefront to also grant myself the ability to take a step back, look at my life and laugh a bit. I’ve only been here on earth 20 years but man, has a lot happened! Things will continue to happen and I will continue to extract the positives of each situation for as long as I shall live.

More on me: 

  • I am in my junior year of college as a Communications major.
  • My main passions include Interior Design/Home Decor, Hip-Hop and West-African dance, planning, and reading.
  • I shop too dang-on much and can’t do makeup to save my life!